When people ask me about the origins of my Spotcheck design, I have two stories. One is about family, and the other, about the new beginnings that come when things change. They reference very different parts of the world, but in the end, they are both about connection. 

Around the early 2000s I was doing a series of little paintings that I called 'Roots.' They were little wonky diagrams of family trees and were mostly at the time of my family in England and Scotland. I painted only those people I remembered and everyone is connected by a tenuous, wobbly line.

The act of painting these pictures gave me a feeling of connection to them all. My parents, my sister, the kids, all so far away, and my uncles, aunts and cousins, some of whom I'd not seen for years. I started painting my Roots pictures for friends and neighbours and their families.

Can I buy less than a metre of fabric?

On this website, we sell our fabric in one metre increments, so one metre or two metres etc. If you want something in between, contact Julie directly.

You might even prefer to use some ScrapCloth - bundles of offcuts, personally curated by Julie, who loves to make something beautiful from what most people see as waste. She sells these currently on her Julie Paterson website, but soon you'll be able to purchase them here, as well. 

Is it possible to get yardage of a ClothFabric design that's not one of the current ClothClassics?

Yes, we can do special orders and special colours by arrangement. Contact Julie directly to enquire about anything you are after. 

Is there somewhere I can see ClothFabric before I buy?

Yes, we've got two showrooms. 

ClothFabric at Ascraft – Sydney
5-11 Boundary Street
Rushcutters Bay NSW 2011
T 02 9360 2311

ClothFabric at Ascraft – Melbourne
473 High Street
Prahran VIC 3181
T 03 9510 7734

Fabric care

All ClothFabrics can be washed, dry cleaned and treated with a stain repellant treatment. The printed area will wear in with use. That is as it should be with a natural linen product. 

Can I make clothing out of ClothFabric?

Julie has been making clothes from her fabrics since day one. The heavyweight linen is just the thing for sailor pants or a cooler season skirt. 

Julie's written a book, hasn't she?

Yes, she has.

ClothBound tracks the development of Julie Paterson's practice and process, all the way from her first sketches books through to resolved designs and collections.

In this book Julie shares the stories of her designs, champions the imperfect and offers up a modest philosophy of sorts.

Right now, you can buy ClothBound on the Julie Paterson website, but soon you'll also be able to get it right here. 

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