End rolls

End rolls are lengths of fabric left over from commissioned jobs, or end of the line discontinued fabric, or some sample lengths on non-standard base cloth that never made it to production. Every end roll is always the full width by at least a metre. 

End rolls
10 results
Bird Grey - linen end roll
End Roll Stoney Surf [Heavy-weight Hemp]
Canopy Jet - linen end roll
End Roll Ironbark Teal [Heavy-weight Hemp]
End Roll Bird Sherbet [Mid-weight Linen]
End Roll Twig of Conifer Off-White [Lightweight linen-cotton blend]
End Roll Thatch Teal [Heavy-weight linen]
End Roll Ironbark Herb [Heavy-weight Hemp]
End roll Squares Warm [Mid Weight Hemp]
End roll Squares Cool [Mid-weight linen]
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