End rolls

When customers order yardage, they rarely want the entire 20 metres on a roll. The end rolls are literally what's left at the end of the roll - however much there happens to be.

This is where you can pick up some rare and discontinued ClothFabric designs in different base cloths and weights. You can buy end rolls by the metre.

End rolls
14 results
End Roll Bird Grey [Mid-weight Linen]
End Roll Kanga black and white [Heavy-weight Linen blend]
End Roll Spotcheck indigo [Heavy-weight Hemp]
End Roll Stoney Surf [Heavy-weight Hemp]
End Roll Banksia turquoise [Heavy-weight linen]
End roll Looking For Water - Pea lino [Mid-weight linen]
End Roll Ironbark Teal [Heavy-weight Hemp]
End Roll Bird Sherbet [Mid-weight Linen]
End Roll Canopy Jet [Mid-weight Linen]
End Roll Twig of Conifer Off-White [Lightweight linen-cotton blend]
End Roll Thatch Teal [Heavy-weight linen]
End Roll Ironbark Herb [Heavy-weight Hemp]
End roll Squares Warm [Mid Weight Hemp]
End roll Squares Cool [Mid-weight linen]
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