Cut pieces

Random sizes and shapes of fabric are not sold by the metre - we sell these by the piece.

Some of these fabrics are one-off experiments, never-to-be-repeated, samples, trials, and down-to-the-wire end rolls, and left overs from manufacturing. 


Cut pieces
8 results
Cut piece Crosshatch no1 - [hemp-yak]
Cut piece Crosshatch no2 - [hemp-yak]
Cut piece Double Spotcheck no1 - [hemp-yak]
Cut piece Double Spotcheck no2 - [hemp-yak]
Cut piece PickupSticks Burnt [Heavy-weight hemp]
Cut piece Words Spotcheck no 1  [denim]
Cut piece Words Spotcheck no 2  [denim]
Cut piece Words Spotcheck no1 - [heavy weight hemp]
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