By the piece

We don't sell remnants by the metre - we sell them by the piece. This is the place to find lengths of fabric leftover from commissioned jobs or product manufacturing, discontinued designs, sample lengths on non-standard base cloth that never made it to production, ex-display pieces and those rare beauties, the trial prints that Julie has handprinted in her studio. 

By the piece
21 results
Boardwalk Surf by the piece 147 x 90cm
Canopy Jet - linen cut piece - 140cm x 90cm
Stoney Surf - hemp cut piece 107 x 150
Gumblossom Hot Pink - linen cut piece - 72x150cm
Pod&Pod Peacock - midweight linen cut piece - 140cm x 52cm
Twig of Conifer Russet - midweight linen cut piece - 60cm x 147cm
Brumbies Red Rust - midweight linen cut piece - 75cm x 145cm
Boardwalk Redhead - midweight linen cut piece - 74cm x 145cm
Thatch Teal - linen cut piece - 66cm x 68cm
Stoney Indigo - hemp cut piece - 145 x 83cm
Boardwalk Black - heavyweight hemp organic cotton cut piece - 150cm x 1m
Scratchy Straw - linen cut piece - 102cm x 104cm
Thatch Sherbet - linen cut piece - 134cm x 82cm
Ironbark Teal - hemp cut piece 145cm x 1m
Ironbark Eucalyptus - hemp cut piece 1m x 150cm
Gumblossom Charcoal - linen cut piece - 137cm x 63cm
Thatch White - linen cut piece - 135cm x 62cm
Stoney Beige - linen cut piece - 137cm x 81cm
Spotcheck Red Rust - linen cut piece - 60cm
Kangaroo Paw Red Rust - linen cut piece - 138cm x 96cm
Ironbark Plum - hemp cut piece - 172cm x 96cm
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