Looking for Water
The perennial challenge of our dry continent
A bold botanical design that tells the story of the Australian bush
Boardwalks preserve the dunes and protect your feet from the hot sand on a summer beach
Stuffed Olives
A bold free repeat that pushes the boundaries of art-based textiles
Inspired by the seed pod of the ancient pine
The show pony of the Australian bush
A story of new beginnings on the South Coast of NSW

Welcome to the ClothFabricShop

For 25 years, artist and textile designer Julie Paterson has been creating fabrics inspired by the Australian landscape. Designed and printed by hand in regional New South Wales, ClothFabric is heavy weight upholstery linen, sustainably made to last.

You are in the right place for Australian customers to buy ClothFabric on the roll and end rolls by the metre.

Spotcheck Beige - upholstery linen
Boardwalk Indigo - upholstery linen
Stoney Beige - upholstery linen

ClothClassics and End Rolls

Right here online, at the ClothFabricShop, you can purchase from a curated collection of ClothFabric's most popular and enduring designs. Julie is calling these the ClothClassics

You can also buy ClothFabric End Rolls, the short lengths at the end of the roll. End rolls might be pieces that toured in a show, or left over from a commission, or maybe a discontinued design.

Under a metre

Cut pieces are random sizes and shapes of fabric, mostly under a metre and sold by the piece.

Julie saves the even smaller scraps from landfill to adorn existing pieces or create handsome new things from scratch. 

She curates ScrapCloth bundles in four colourways: Redhead, Blueprint, Naturally and Fresh. Good for the planet and a pleasure to stitch with. 


Julie's other work

ClothFabric textile designs are very polished work, but they came from a raw and bold creative process. To purchase Julie's fabric prototypes or art works, head over to her stockroom and shop at juliepaterson.com.au. This site is also where you will find information about her exhibitions, collaborations and other projects.

ClothFabric is made by hand in Australia

ClothFabric is hand screenprinted in 20 metre runs using water-based commercial screen printing inks. The base cloth is heavy weight upholstery linen, heat treated with no fabric finishes, so it softens and fades naturally over time and with use. 

That's why ClothFabric gets even handsomer with age. 

To find out more about Julie's art and design practice, have a look at her Julie Paterson website

We are doing some renos

Cloth has been around for 25 years now, and we've gone through a lot of reiterations and changes.

This site you are on now is the new ClothFabricShop, pitched at our retail customers so they can purchase online. 

Right now, the old ClothFabric website is under construction. It will be up again soon, as a portfolio site featuring the complete ClothFabric back catalogue. Handy for inspiration and designed with our trade customers in mind. 

If you have any queries - retail or trade - contact Julie directly. 

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